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For more than ten years, our depth of BPO experience have made a huge impact at every stage of our clients’ growth cycle.

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We succeed when our clients succeed. We deliver long-term competitive edge, creating strategic opportunities that deliver outstanding value.

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Our responsive customer engagement strategy focuses on immediacy. We take pride in our astute ability to deliver relevant products and services real-time and through the right channels.

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Industry News

Dan Schwebach (in red) speaking to the TDS Medical Coding Daily Class – 22 January 2015

TDS Welcomes America’s Biggest Medical Coding Training Certification Organization ...
Manila, Philippines – As the Philippines’ leading human capital support firm, TeleDevelopment Services (TDS) actively supports the endeavors of America’s largest medical coding training and
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Doc Liza at Nursing Informatics Seminar

TDS Shares Insight on Medical Coding at CEU-Manila ...
Manila, Philippines - According to TeleDevelopment Services’ (TDS) Assistant Manager Lina Liza Alcances MD, RN, CPC, CPC-I, fresh Nursing graduates can find an ideal career in medical coding
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Current Trends

2015 Facts About the Philippines Infographic

2015 Facts About the Philippines ...
2015 is drawing to a close, after hundreds of discoveries have paved the way for new endeavors in technology and business. If the past economic performance is any indication, the next severa
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Current Trends

Survey Outlines Recruitment Process Improvements ...
Companies in the Philippines could be missing out on hundreds of new agents due to inefficient hiring processes. More than 50% of respondents in a recent survey of over 13,000 entry-level
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