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Your Frontline Managers are primarily responsible for driving quality and performance in your call center. Are they as prepared as they should be to meet these goals? TeleDevelopment’s comprehensive Frontline Management Training program builds on four key areas of Frontline Manager development; teaching your Frontline Managers how to be effective leaders, communicators, drivers of performance and developers of their people.

The said program has the following modules:

Your Role as a Frontline Manager

This module will help Frontline Manager understand their role and responsibilities in the center along with the interdependencies with other departments and the principles of floor management.

Leadership Skills

Participants will learn the different leadership styles and readiness levels of agents, and what it means to be a developer of people.

Communication Skills

This module will help the Frontline Manager understand why communication is important, and what is required to be a good communicator to get things done and drive performance.

Using KPIs to Manage Performance

This module is designed to help Frontline Managers understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needed to manage the center, and understand how to use these to drive performance of agents.

Quality Assurance

Participants will learn the which elements of quality are measured, how they are measured, and the tools that are used to measure quality. This module also includes how to conduct an effective calibration session among your management team.

Coaching and Agent Development

This module helps Frontline Managers understand the difference between training and coaching, the reasons people fail, the five-step process for coaching, essential coaching skills, and how to deal with problem resolution.

Case Study

The case study is the culminating activity that pulls all of the modules together.  The participants study center reports and listen to calls to develop and deliver a coaching plan  for a low performing Agent. Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate is awarded.

Post Training
TeleDevelopment also offers post training intervention to monitor, track, and evaluate how these Frontline Managers out on the call center floor apply the lessons learned. This helps improve the transfer of knowledge and insure the programs are rolled out as intended.

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